Good Quality Flexible Soft Plastic Hose PVC Clear Hose for Liquid water

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This kind of pvc clear hose is used for conveying water, oil, gas under normal working pressure in the factory, farm, building and family, fishery, aquarium.

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Technical Parameters

Working temperature : -5℃ ~ +65℃

* Colors, thickness, hardness, widths and length of this PVC hose can be customized.

* This product could be made into food grade.

Our product is made of superior PVC raw materials to ensure our hose is durable, anti-heat, anti-cold and no  smell. We use special PVC formulations to make sure our products could be transparent enough or brightly color.

This food grade pvc transparent hose could be used to transfer water, milk, oil even corrosive liquid in low pressure. This kind of hose inner surface is very smooth, not easy to scale and users could check the transportation of liquid clearly.

Its working temperature could be -5℃~ 65℃

Clear PVC Hose

Clear PVC Hose, transparent hose pipe always conveying many liquids and gases. Also used as suds pipes and protection of metal tubes, wooden dowelling, and yacht rigging. Clear PVC hose makes it easier to view the liquid inside the tubes, which can prevent kinks and the incorrect transfer of liquids through certain lines. Suitable for food, medical and contact applications.Clear PVC hose piping provides a versatile, cost-effective alternative for many piping applications, particularly those where visual monitoring is critical.

Alias: Flexible Clear PVC Hoses, Flexible Transparent PVC Tubing, Clear PVC plastic tubing, Clear VinyI PVC tubing, Transparent pipeline.

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Transparent Clear Hose (13)
Transparent Clear Hose (9)
Transparent Clear Hose (10)

Product Parameters

Type Fiber Hose
Place Of Origin Shandong, China
Place Of Origin China
Size 8mm-160mm
Color Red/Yellow/Green/White/As Customers Requirements
Product Features Being Colorful, Flexible, Elastic, Durable, Nontoxic, Adaptable To High Temperature Under High Pressure Conditions And Long Lasting .
Craft Hot Melt Method
Shape Tubular
Material Pvc
Material Pvc
Size Customized
Surface Treatment Smooth
Technics Hot Melt Method
Application Washing The Car, Watering The Ground
Sample Free
Oem Accept
Capacity 50mt Per Day
Color Red/Yellow/Green/White/As Customers Requirements
Minimum Order Quantity 150meter
Fob Price 0.5~2susd/Meter
Port Qingdao Port Shandong
Payment Term t/t,l/c
Supply Capacity 50mt/Day
Delivery Term 15-20 Days
Standard Packaging Wound In Roll, And Packing Use Carton
Specifications of PVC Transparent Hose
Hose Metric     Hose Metric    
Measurement Weight Length Measurement Weight Length
I.D. O.D.     I.D. O.D.    
mm g/m M Mm g/m M
3 5 17 588/10kg 14 17 98 101/10kg
4 6 21 472/10kg 14 18 135 148/20kg
4 7 35 286/10kg 14 19 174 114/20kg
5 7 25 394/10kg 16 19 111 180/20kg
5 8 41 242/10kg 16 20 152 131/20kg
6 8 29 338/10kg 16 21 196 102/20kg
6 9 48 210/10kg 18 22 169 117/20kg
8 10 37 270/10kg 18 24 267 75/20kg
8 11 60 166/10kg 19 24 227 88/20kg
8 12 85 118/10kg 20 24 186 107/20kg
10 12 46 215/10kg 25 27 110 181/20kg
10 13 73 137/10kg 25 29 228 88/20kg
10 14 100 100/10kg 25 31 356 56/20kg
12 15 85 233/20kg 32 38 445 45/20kg
12 17 153 130/20kg 32 39 526 38/20kg

Product Details

Transparent Clear Hose (15)
Transparent Clear Hose (14)
Transparent Clear Hose (7)

Specification of Clear PVC Hose

Clear Vinyl Tubing manufactured with non-toxic material. Can be used for flexible lines for low-pressure air, water, liquids,beverages, chemicals, and gases as well as drain lines for air conditioners and dehumidifers. Excellent resistance to mild acids and chemicals. See-through design allows for visual flow. Not for use with ice makers or petroleum-based products.

Differnt Range Of Sizes & Color PVC Hose

The I.D.(Inner diameter) of this clear hose could be 3mm ~ 25mm. And all of the transparency, hardness and color of this hose could be customized. So this product is suitable for use in industry and agriculture, project, fishery breeding, also can be used as a door lock handle sheath, craft gift packaging and children's toys.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Plastic bags, plastic sheet, the soft film of PVC and so on.

Port: Qingdao Port China

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